Stealth Arcade Table bring a New Excitement to Gaming

Video gaming has given birth to many exciting products over the years. It is still generating new designs and new products and even relaunching older ideas in newer formats and designs. The people who brought back the video arcade gaming table of the 80s, now present a new table for your playing pleasure. It combines the best Japanese components in a sleek and contemporary German design. The Stealth arcade table manages to create the impression that it is a part of the most stylish space station interiors.

The quality and the style of the product is much higher that its price of $3,299. You also have the option of paying for it over a 12 month interest free period. The weekly repayment figure translates to just $283.95 including an establishment fee and a small monthly account keeping fee. Once credit is providing the finance and it would be best to find out the details about conditions and fees that apply. There are options of extending the repayment period but the relevant interest rates will become applicable to the extended period.

The Stealth arcade table comes pre loaded with 60 games. The table is available in two color options. deep space obsidian and supernova white. It is easy to care for because of its high gloss finish. Its glass exterior is so well finished that no joint lines are visible anywhere. The table comes with high definition LCD screen—89° viewing angle. All the controls provided in the table are high precision aerospace grade. Space bass speaker system gives the best sound effect and high quality Japanese components guarantee very superior performance.

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