Introducing The All New Eclectic Premium Spirit In The Form Of ‘Frozen Ghost Vodka’

If there is one alcoholic drink that has made a significant impact in modern human culture, then it has to unequivocally be Vodka, the pride of Russia and often considered to be the most gratifying of all liquors. Now, one of the premier distilling companies in the world, Frozen Ghost Distilling Company has introduced a marvelous new drink in the form of the all new Frozen Ghost Vodka, a delightful drink that has concocted based on a ghost story of Tobias. This fictional character called, Tobias is also depicted on the frozen style design of the bottle itself. This remarkable premium vodka revolves around the realm of a man’s life and delves in the unexplored intricacies of the afterlife.

The story that goes by the name of ‘The Legend of the Frozen Ghost’ takes us to a serene and remote location in Western Canada and is centered around a farm family that is depicted to be happy and satisfied with their lives, till the time their neighbor decides to take the role of an antagonist. To fulfill his own desires, this unnamed neighbor on a freezing night trespassed on the family’s farm in an effort to divert the water supply from a nearby spring on to his own property. His treachery is found out by Tobias who confronts him and ends up getting hit by a shovel in the head. This throws Tobias into the freezing stream where he eventually drowns and get preserved in the freezing waters of the stream. However, soon his neighbor begins to tell about Tobias’s apparition that followed the neighbor wherever he went. This haunting led to the neighbor’s confession while losing his mind. The water from this particular stream that led to the Tobias’s legend is now used as a primary ingredient in the manufacturing of the Frozen Ghost Vodka and the water itself is put through distillation a total of six times.

According to Andy Harmon (Chief Brand Officer, Levenson & Hill),

“We believe that we have developed a narrative that will leave consumers haunted by a mystery that only Frozen Ghost Vodka can solve. To trigger the imagination of consumers, we plan to unleash the ghost of Tobias, who is key to sparking consideration of Frozen Ghost Vodka. That begins with a top quality liquid and a striking on-shelf presence and is paid off with a campaign that delivers on the brand’s ’supernatural-super-premium’ position.”

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