IFA 2011: Toshiba Introduces A 55 Inch Glasses Free 3D TV For $11,500

One of the biggest Japanese consumer electronics company, Toshiba, has now taken the world of personal 3D entertainment to new heights with the introduction of a brand new 3DTV that is not only 55 inches in screen size but has also been designed to be provide glasses free 3D entertainment. The all new Toshiba ZL2 has been incorporated with the latest in cutting edge imaging technology that will enable the users to view 3D content absolutely without the need of 3D glasses and that too in high definition clarity. The Toshiba ZL2 has been incorporated with revolutionary new technologies that enables this remarkable glasses free 3DTV to render  both 2D and 3D images in HD clarity, especially due to the Quad Full HD display. Furthermore, to ensure that the Toshiba ZL2 is able to render stunning picture quality and give a stereoscopic 3D effect, Toshiba has given this magnificent 3DTV with Face tracking technology that enables television to project images from nine different angles thereby providing crisp and clear video quality to all viewers.

The Quad Full HD display offers the  ZL2 3DTV with a spectacular 3840 x 2160 resolution display and this remarkable television is more than capable of converting 2D images into 3D formats with depth control. Toshiba has designed the ZL2 to not only suffice the role of a 3DTV, but it has also been envisioned to be an active web connected television. The all new ZL2 has been integrated with the company’s Smart TV technologies that enables the users to get on-demand videos, surf the web and connect to their favorite social networks.

This 3DTV has been embedded with ‘Toshiba Places with Facebook’ feature that enables the viewers to stay connected with their Facbook buddies while watching TV. Furthermore, Toshiba ZL2 3DTV also comes with YouTube, BBC iPlayer, USB HDD Video Recording, Auto Calibration and the television can be controlled remotely via an Apple iPhone. The all new one of a kind Toshiba ZL2 3DTV will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2011 and will carry a price tag of $11,500.

According to Toshiba,

“The ZL2’s advanced feature set is complemented by a stylish, impressively-slim design that effortlessly fits into the most fashionable living rooms. An eye-catching finish adorns the TV trim, while the super-slim profile is ideal for mounting on walls, or sitting atop designer  TV stands.”

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