Elite Estate: Zeki Pasa Waterside Mansion in Turkey Costs $115,000,000

RumeliHisari has an ancient mansion located in Baltalimani. The mansion is situated in Baltalimani, RumeliHisari in Turkey and is one of the most elegant and palatial mansions that you could think about today. It was built during the middle of 19th century by a famous architect from France. His name was Alexandre Vallaury and he designed the mansion for Müsir Zeki Pasha.

Pasha was a minister with the Sultan Abdulhamit II and thus carries a royal lineage that you would not be able to ignore. The mansion is almost 150 years old and is built in a baroque style. The 3000 m2 interior, 4000 m2 garden and 130 m long pier make it a huge mansion and would be a great place to experience the culture of Turkey. Of course, it would be your own mansion and you could brag about it to your friends and later tell them that you have a mansion that was once built for a Turkish minister.

The mansion is called Zeki Pasa Waterside Mansion and has a price tag of almost $115,000,000 USD which is quite a lot. Nevertheless, if you want to live in Turkey and that to live in a royal style, you better go ahead and get yourself this mansion before it is sold out. You could also go ahead and take a look at the cool and wonderful luxury mansion that was sold for almost $90 million. I must say, that is a hell lot of money to spend on a house. Live in turkey, and you will find hot Turkish blood.

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