Hermes-Kongo Collaboration Results in Explosively Colorful Scarves

The luxury brands also need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and expand their reach and appeal. Hermes is one of the oldest luxury brands from France. In fact in the recent past it had to fight a corporate battle to preserve its autonomy and identity. It emerged successful and stronger from the bitter tussle and it is evident from the initiatives it has taken lately. Their latest release is a collaborative effort and somewhat unusual for major high fashion brand. The result of the collaboration is the Hermes-Kongo scarf and it is stunning, to say the least.

The unusual collaboration has worked extremely well. It is to be seen to be believed how a high fashion house has assimilated something as rebellious and anti establishment as street art and created a stunning product that would appeal to both extremes of consumer taste. Hermes is one of Europe’s oldest luxury brands and as a result of the collaboration, has completely departed from its traditional style for the first time. The Hermes-Kongo scarf collaboration features explosively colorful designs reminiscent of Kongo’s street work. It is exciting and attractive because it is so unexpected in a Hermes collection.

Kongo’s work has a distinct effervescent style and it is not only known but respected across the world. His graffiti is not only found on the walls of Paris and France but also in New York and Hong Kong. This is perhaps the first time that Kongo has entered such a big commercial collaboration. The collaboration, no doubt has been an unqualified success and is sure to attract others to experiment with Kongo’s street art. You can be sure to see more of graffiti in high fashion in the coming days. The Hermes-Kongo scarf collaboration is available online and in stores now.

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