Thom Browne Unveils Expensive iPad Case for Men

Thom Browne is a New York based designer who knows what it takes to attract the super wealthy. There is nothing better than an iPad when it comes to checking out stuff online and we all know it. He has thus unveiled a case that costs more than the iPad itself. At $1,005, the new iPad Case shall surely show men what it is like to be fashionable and what they should do to stay in fashion in the fall/winter season.

The iPad case comes in the form of a classic men’s suitcase and the tricolour branding strangely reminds me of France. The iPad case looks good, feels smooth and looks so rich that you would not be able to stop yourself from not using it. I would say, buy an iPad and also get a cool device like this which would help you to have fun and also to browse the Internet like no other person would ever do.

I have already decided to buy only Apple products because they simply mean luxury. None of the geeky Android stuff and we do not really need anything other than a good looking gadget that does everything that we need to. What I do not like is the gold handle which looks a tad uncool and pedestrian. You could also take a look at all the cool luxury iPad cases that we have written about. I would say, go ahead and get yourself an iPad if you already don’t have one. It would be stupid not to have one.

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