Gregg Parsell Unveils the Ethereal Origin Pendant Light

Gregg Parsell is a furniture designer who is interested to work in various areas, experimenting with new materials.  He aims at the enhancement of user’s lifestyle with his functional pieces which involves broad spectrum of manufacturing ability and techniques with developmental concepts and projects. Gregg Parsell, with a good demonstrating ability and problem solving capacity, has completed his graduation in England. He has worked within in a multi-disciplinary design company.

Gregg has designed Origin which consists of two parts made of recycled Corian and Black walnut which is natural wood.  The design belongs to the present trend in elegance, and is an inspiration of seed pods.  The design is meant to manifest the free movement of nature, also utilises the technologies which are of energy efficient with four super power LEDs. Inhabitat caught the sight of the contemporary lighting fixture, which is eco-friendly in origin as well as sleek to look at.

The Lighting Association, to encourage the creativity and practical knowledge of skill and to develop the functional expertise of lighting products, had organised the competition. The finalists will be invited to exhibit their designs for mass production.

He is one of the finalists to receive Student Lighting Design Awards, for Origin pendent light, who has been invited in an industrial event called Interiors 2012, to display his designs to the retailers and manufactures which would be held in the first month of next year. Pendant lamp makes better any environment providing contrast materials such as Corian white colour and American Black walnut.

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