Elipson Reintroduces Chambord Speakers BS50 to Commemorate its 60th Anniversary

Elipson has not only earned the respect of the consumers but the trade and industry as the makers of expensive speakers that are amongst the best in sound quality but they are also designed in a way that is very pleasing to the eye. The design quotient of their speakers is very high. They are no doubt unusual for speakers but aesthetically very appealing and that’s what sets them apart from the other high end good quality speakers. They have had a series of releases that have caught the attention of the consumers.  Soundtree speaker set, Planet L series and the Music Center were particularly appreciated by the listening public.

The speakers are known to add a whole new dimension to your room’s décor. Elipson’s latest release and another new creation is basically a reintroduction of an enormously successful model. The BS50 speakers are being released to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary. The design of this speaker has roots in the 1960s when it was first created for the castle of Chambord in France. The speakers are in the shape of a dome and come with a tripod stand on which it rests.

The dome speakers are 50 cm wide and have reflectors for the sound which can be tilted at 90 or 140 degree angle to suit the space where you want to place them. The manufacturers suggest 90 degree for domestic use. They have ideal dimensions to fit in the corner of your room. The speakers are compatible with most of the audio systems. The weight of the speakers is 30 kilos. The roll out of the speakers will begin in October. These modern yet classic speaker set are priced at $5,785.

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