Vision Research Presents The Cutting Edge Phantom v1610 Digital Camera Capturing At 1 Million FPS

One of the foremost name in the field of digital photography, Vision Research, has now announced the introduction of a phenomenal new digital high-speed camera, the Phantom v1610 that not only carries a gorgeous design but is also capable of recording videos  at an astounding 1 million frames per second (FPS). This incredible new camera can also capture videos in full resolution at 16,000 fps, while the 1 million fps is achieved by reducing the resolution. Being an expert in high speed imaging, Vision Research has provided the v1610 with the company’s cutting edge sensors that enable the camera to give enhanced sensitivity, especially in low light conditions. To shoot in the 1 million fps mode, the v1610 will have to be operated in ‘FAST’ mode that enables the camera to reduce the resolution, while significantly increasing the capturing speed.

The Phantom v1610 comes with the easy to use built-in on-camera controls (OCC) that enables the users to change and set their camera settings at the press of a button, thereby foregoing the need of PC connectivity. Furthermore, Vision Research has also provided this incredible camera with the revolutionary Cinemag interface. This storage options allows for storing of videos directly to an external storage device, thereby eliminating the need of constant Ethernet connections. The Phantom v1610 camera provides full resolution shots at 1280 x 800 pixels and also features various other tools such as timecode, dual power inputs, HD-SDI, GPS input, camera synchronization, as well as trigger, all located on the back panel of the camera. The remarkable Phantom v1610 Digital Camera from Vision Research carries a price tag of a whopping $100,000.

According to Rick Robinson (VP, Marketing, Vision Research),

“Vision Research’s innovations in the high-speed imaging industry and its launches of the v1210 and v1610 add advanced capabilities to the market. With the ability to capture high-resolution images at ultra-high-speeds, the v1210 and v1610 bring new tools to scientists, researchers, engineers and others who need to see phenomena invisible to the human eye.”

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