New Hard Carry Travel Suitcase From MUJI Is Ideal For Frequent Fliers

Frequent travelers have a hard enough time fitting their clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries into their regular carryall bags. A new travel suitcase promises to eliminate at least some of your packing woes. The new Hard Carry Travel Suitcase 56l from MUJI could prove to be a good investment for frequent fliers who regularly travel for more than just a couple of days.

The Hard Carry Travel Suitcase from MUJI provides users with 56 liters of space. That is enough area to pack comfortably for a 3 to 5 day trip. This travel suitcase is made out of durable and lightweight polycarbonate. Plus, it comes with an adjustable carry bar to suit different heights. Lugging this smart and stylish piece of luggage is no trouble at all. The Hard Carry Travel Suitcase 56l is fitted with the MUJI 4 Wheel Carry. Travelers can happily wheel this suitcase around, and the 360-degree turning wheels just add to the convenience factor.

The only problem with this cool travel suitcase is that it is too large to be considered a carry-on. Its dimensions of 26.8 inches x 17.7 inches x 9.1 inches indicate that users will have to check in this otherwise convenient piece of luggage.

The Hard Carry Travel Suitcase comes with TSA-approved lockable zippers and has sufficient compartments to make packing easier. This high-end travel suitcase from MUJI is priced just shy of $200 at $197.50. Moreover, they are available in three colors: Black, Grey and Khaki.

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