Australia Now Among The Countries With The World’s Most Expensive Car Parking

The picturesque and scenic country of Australia has now joined the list of growing nations that are said to possess the world’s most expensive parking. In a recent report titled, 2011 Colliers International Global CBD Parking Rate Survey conducted by Colliers International has established that major cities in Australia such as the likes of Sydney and Melbourne have now been found to have some of the most expensive parking rates in the world. This incredible revelation has is determined to have been the result of the government’s hope of reducing car usage by the citizens. As per the findings, Oslo in Norway carries the most expensive parking rate at $US89.04 a day, closely followed by Copenhagen in Denmark at US$73.11. The next two positions are claimed by Melbourne and Sydney with parking rates of US$69.53 and US$67.42 respectively.

The 2011 Colliers International Global CBD Parking Rate Survey report was conceived after taking into account covered and underground parking space in some of the most influential business districts and the parking data was collected in the month of June this year, inclusive of all taxes, thereby making some places as quite expensive parking garage spaces. During the accounting of parking rates, Collier took into account the hourly parking rates instead of the daily parking charges and after extensive research came out with the most expensive parking locations in world, while the most inexpensive parking was found to be in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the vehicle owners are required to pay just $US0.92 per day.

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