Planning to Park in Manhattan? Make Sure Your Pockets Are Deep!

It may not come as a big surprise, but just for the records it has now been announced that Manhattan is the most expensive place to park your car in the U.S. If you plan to park your car for a month in Manhattan, expect to shell out $538 if its downtown. If you plan to park your car Midtown Manhattan, you would need to shell out $529. The survey of the parking rates was done by real estate brokerage Colliers International.

If you wondered who would have the dubious distinction of being the third most expensive place to park your car, it has to be Boston which would make you shell out $425 a month. It has been observed that most people in these cities tend to use mass transit and public transportation instead of using their own cars.

That is because, there is no reason for us to spend money like that just on parking while in most cities even the rent for a 2 bedroom flat would be much less than the $500 mark. if you however still would like to park your car in New York City, you better be rich enough to do so for you just might have to sell your car in the end.

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