A Collapsible Stroller by QuickSmart that Fits into a Backpack

The strollers for babies are generally foldable for making its storage simpler and more convenient. But an Australian company has made a collapsible stroller that has been so designed to make it completely portable. QuickSmart, the Australian company had made a similar product earlier. They have now come back with a much improved design. The new design can be folded down to a size that fits into a backpack and makes it very convenient to carry when you are traveling with your baby.

The parents of infants and babies are already stressed about the things they must carry with them whenever they are going out. Sometimes the airlines also do not allow you to take the stroller inside the aircraft. Putting it in a backpack will solve that problem. If you are worried that it will be too heavy to lug around on your back, then relax, as it weighs only 9lbs, that is under 4kgs. It is not as if you have to hire some help to carry it around.

The best part is that the stroller has not compromised on any feature to make it portable. The stroller has a five point harness and canopy. It comes with padded seat and foot rest. Even a shopping basket has been built into the stroller. The design is suitable for babies aged six months and above. The backpack in which you carry the stroller also has mesh side storage pockets for holding diapers, water or whatever else you must carry when going out with your baby. The new completely portable stroller is available from Amazon UK and the price ranges from $160 to $194 depending on the model you select.

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