Luxury Band Aids to Cover your Wounds Elegantly

If you like a luxurious tilt to everything you use you would obviously want the Band Aids to be deluxe. And why not as it has the potential to mar your entire look. There are smart guys around who have thought of this and have come up with what can be called Luxury Band Aids. Hopefully they will not inspire you to cut yourself up so that you can use the luxury band aids as you can look pretty cool wearing them.

The brains behind this ingenuous product are Christina Zehnder and Daniel Vetterli. They haven’t done much to convert a simple band aid to a luxury band aid. They have simply taken the logos of some of the top luxury brands and screen printed them on band aid so that when you wear them the logo of the brand is prominently visible. They have already printed the logos of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Chanel on band aids and it is likely they might be printing logos of other big brands in future to upgrade the band aid.

The idea behind this design is simply to parody luxury brands and consumption but one can hope that some designer will be inspired to actually design a luxury band aid which will not be a parody but truly a luxury band aid and top luxury brands would be proud to lend their name to it. Designers in the past have designed the most unlikely of things of everyday use and after all you wear a band aid so it is natural that you would like to have the most exclusive band aid in the market and even hope that it might enhance your look.

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