Detox Yourself from Technology and Digital Overload at Luxury Spas

With growing popularity of digital detox, travel companies, resorts and luxury hotels offer unplugged and digital detox packages on discounts. Alternatively, the focus on stress relieving programmes such as spa treatment and kayak lessons do help guests who want tranquillity and they can also take up suites if they need a techno break.

In the global village, it has been the latest norm to respond to e-mails and calls in the early hours, stream videos during meetings. The efforts have been made offering in packages to step away from gadgets, aiming at a detox from technology. The guests have to surrender their Smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and the travellers cannot access their technological gadgets until they checkout. The gizmo free packages include some gift cards, games & yoga classes. If the guests are not up to the expectation of their motives, they could retrieve the gadgets.

Digital connection, being an integral part of daily life, especially revolves around travel and hospitality world, now a new trend of digital detoxing gives you a break from technological appliances. Through the list of disadvantages, you will like the digital detox for vacations offered by some hotels with discount 15-25 percent off. All you have to do is compromise leaving your gadgets at front desk for books or board games. Even TVs will be taken away on your tech break.

Those who were on tech break, worried about their major emergencies, felt disoriented with empty hands, some of them anxious about their clients. If these individuals are out, instantly fell back to their old habits without little change in their life. According to psychiatrists, it is like living without a cigarette. Without the knowledge of the user, he will be addicted to it.

Via: WSJ

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