Wooden Boards For Your Sound System Cost A Hefty $650

We have heard of people spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on home theaters and home stereo systems. But Japanese company Kripton has come up with a new lavish buy that only the ultra-rich with plenty of money to spare are going to be interested in lapping up. The Japanese firm is a specialist in the manufacture of home stereo components. And now, they appear to be moving in to create new accessories and parts that will further improve sound quality. Kripton has recently launched a series of wooden boards that are designed to make your audio experience even better. Mind you, these are no ordinary wooden boards. They come with hefty price tags of up to $650.

At first glance they seem no different from any other wooden board. But the expert team at Kripton has designed these boards to neutralize vibrations from your home stereo system to provide a purer sound. The boards are also designed to cut down on electromagnetic noise.

The boards from Kripton are available in two sizes. The Kripton AB-3200 weighs about 33 pounds and can support a stereo system of up to 330 pounds. The AB-5000 is heavier at 52 pounds and can support heavier home stereo systems. While the AB-3200 costs $442 (35,700 yen), the AB-5000 costs about $650 (54,500 yen).

I am not sure how many people would want to spend $650 for a board of wood. But this product is already in the market. So there probably is an audience for this sort of a thing.

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