Presenting An All New Luxury iPhone Dock, CrystalDock Made Of Pure Crystals

In the recent months since the launch of the world renowned Apple iPhone 4, we have come across a series of extremely useful iPhone accessories. However, one that stands out among the rest has to be the all new CrystalDock, an iPhone dock that has been handcrafted from pure crystals. Designed and developed by the luxury brand, CalypsoCrystal, this one of a kind iPhone accessory can not only synchronize your iPhone and iPod devices, but can even  charge them at the same time. CrystalDock represents the very best of innovative technology fused with gorgeous handcrafted crystal glass. Apart from being a phenomenal iPhone accessory, CrystalDock can also be used as a great decorative piece for your living room or in your office, exuberating a unique, class as well as panache.

The casing of CrystalDock is manufactured from a single block of lead crystal, which is also employed in the construction mobile devices. CalypsoCrystal has stated that due to the presence of lead oxide in crystals, the company preferred to use the element in its magnificent creation, to add more luster and shine to the product. Furthermore, the crystal used in CrystalDock undergoes intense procedures of sandblasting, polishing and cutting to make the iPhone dock as gorgeous as possible. This magnificent product has been embedded with a state of the art connector that enables charging and synchronization of the devices to PCs, and this remarkable dock is compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic 80GB, 120GB and 160GB models. CrystalDock is available in four stunning designs namely Aurora, Beau, Celestia and Dune and carry a price tag of $479 for the Aurora model while the rest three are available for $271.

According to Matej Kurent (Founder & CEO, CalypsoCrystal),

“We have responded to the needs of the luxury-gadget orientated customer by creating a unique device for their Apple mobile and music devices that they can enjoy every day. For the first time in the electronic device marketplace, we are bringing together the precision of European glass craftsmanship with functional design. We are guided by our ambition to create products that are lifetime companions for our customers, so not only does CalypsoCrystal stand for great design and craftsmanship but excellent value for money as well.”

Via MMD Newswire

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