Britain Now Joins The Elite Club Of Nations With Its First Ever Gold Vending Machine

Britain, one of the most progressive nations in all of Europe and in fact throughout the globe has now finally enlisted itself into an elite list of countries such as Abu Dhabi, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US  that boast of, believe it or not, gold vending machines. This incredible vending machine doesn’t spit our diet coke, chocolates or snacks, but it provides you with 2.5gm gold biscuits at the existing exchange rate. The concept of gold vending machines was first established in the year 2010 in Abu Dhabi, when the first ever machine was installed and became operational in the luxurious Emirates Palace hotel. U.K has begun this remarkable offering at the Westfield Shopping Centre in west London, under the name of ‘Gold To Go’ initiative. Gold vending machine is the brainchild of Ex Oriente Lux, a German company that chose Abu Dhabi for the unveiling of this incredible gold dispensing system.

The Gold To Go system in London has been programed to dispense 1gm, 2.5gm and even 250gm gold biscuits with price tags of $64, $160 and $16,500 respectively, while the 2.5gm gold biscuit features the word ‘London’ engraved in gold. The idea behind this spectacular machine was to create a system that would enable the common man to purchase gold, one of the most valued investments, as and when he wishes to. The gold vending machine is composed of a computer system that keeps updating itself every ten minutes to reflect the latest exchange rate. The Gold To Go vending machine has been designed to safe from robbers with reinforced steel and a state-of-the-art alarm system and thus there is no security stationed at the machine.

Via Daily Mail


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