Triumph Celebrates 125th Year With A Swarovski Crystal-Studded Corset

Lingerie brand Triumph International turns 125 this year. So obviously, clients, style gurus and industry watches will be looking out for some very unique 125th anniversary celebrations coming up. From what we hear, a stylish and very glittery corset is part of the 125th anniversary celebrations.

At a recent birthday special fashion show, Triumph showcased a beautiful and seductive black corset, which was adorned with thousands of red Swarovski crystals. We love the play of color here. The sparkly red Swarovski crystals just adds an instant celebratory touch to this basic black corset.

According to reports, it took several hours to complete the blingy effect on this special corset. This bling-bling corset was the final piece to be paraded down the runway at the 2011 Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore this May. The unique piece has been given a price tag of €8,800, a sum that is way beyond the means of most of us. If your budget does not allow you such an expensive indulgence, there are simpler corsets (albeit not showstopping ones like this one) that cost €100 or less.

Lingerie brand Triumph was established all the way back in 1886 by Johann Gottfried Spies Hoffer and Michael Braun. The location of their first shop was in Heubach in Germany. Since then, the lingerie brand has grown by leaps and bounds. In its current avatar, the company has a staggering 42,000 employees on its payroll. The company’s present-day headquarters are in the city of Bad Zurzach in Switzerland.

Via: Richtig Teuer

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