Andrea Cardone Designs Biker Helmets With Swarovski Crystal Highlights

Helmets and Swarovski crystals are not the commonest pairing. But with luxury bikes catching on, designers of bike accessories and protective gear also have to raise their luxe quotient. Enter the Swarovski-studded motorcycle helmet by Italian designer Andrea Cardone. These are not the usual bulky helmets. These new helmets from the Italian design firm are sleek and stylish, with the delicate Swarovski crystal highlights adding an elegant and luxurious touch. These motorcycle helmets from Andrea Cardone are a wonderful example of how effective subtle designs can be in creating a style statement.

These helmets can be coordinated with a matching bag. The latter is more geared to the ladies though the helmet has a unisex feel to it. Together, bag and helmet make for an eye-catching combination, sure to attract people’s attention as you ride by.

In the past, we have seen other great helmet designs that drive home the fact that helmets are not just about safety, they can make a style statement as well. Thus, we have admired the uber-cool Ruby Pavillion helmets in various styles including a candy-striped and a polka-dotted version. There was also the Crystograph Bogner ski helmet, which was designed using 20,000 Swarovski crystals. No wonder this shimmering bike accessory came with a price tag of $19,900. California-based Giro Helmets also collaborated with champion cyclist Lance Armstrong to create a customized helmet for him.

Each of these helmets generated a buzz, and Andrea Cardone’s new designs appear to be following suit. The leather helmet and bag combo are available in three colors – black, white and red.


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