You thought Porsche Cars were Expensive, Porsche Design Watch costs $270,000

Porsche Design keeps coming up with designs that make a product really exclusive. They have not limited their creative skills to cars alone but have designed computer drives to watches. Their flair for style is evident even in the most mundane of products. Now you have Porsche Design Stores in many of the major cities across the globe. Their store in Dubai, located in the Dubai Mall has been doing well. Wael al Takhin, the general manager for Porsche Design in the UAE is excited about the demand in the region for Porsche Design products.

The exclusivity that the Porsche Design products offer is difficult to match. A recent example is a watch made with a combination of 18-carat gold, titanium and rubber. It is a limited edition Porsche Design watch that has an asking price of $270,000. Only 50 of these watches will be made and only eleven of them will be in this design and available at this price. It is not surprising to note that the Porsche Design store in Dubai Mall keeps the watch under lock and key. After all, Boxter, a low end Porsche car sells for Dh 184,600 against the Dh 990,000 for this luxury watch.

The Porsche Design watch is made by Eterna, a Swiss watch company. The clasps and body are made of rose gold, with a titanium face and rubber straps that look like Porsche tires. The face of the watch features a stop watch and also has a second timer. Another unique feature of the watch is that it turns red from green when the power runs low. The Indicator is powered by the natural movement of the hand and wrist and you also have the option of rewinding as and when required. The Porsche Design store in Dubai had ordered two pieces of this watch way back in 2008. The first piece was delivered in 2009 and was sold to the owner of a global drinks chain. The piece they have in the store now was delivered about six months back.

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