Giorgio Armani Embarks Upon Street-Style Project, “Frames Of Your Life”

The term “four eyes” might never be uncool again. When luxury brands like TAG Heuer diversify into eyewear, spectacles suddenly do not seem ugly anymore. After the TAG Heuer eyewear line last year and the retro-chic Polaroid eyewear collection a few months ago, Giorgio Armani (who already has an eyewear collection) has stepped in to prove that even grandfather frames could be stylish.

The luxury fashion giant has embarked upon a rather unique project to promote cool eyewear. Entitled “Frames of Your Life” Armani’s newest undertaking is a travelling street style project that captures spectacle wearers from the street who are not afraid of the “four-eyed” branding and who elevate the homely spectacles to a new, stylish level.

Armani already has its own eyewear collection. Perhaps this is another way to promote spectacle usage. The luxury fashion brand has high four young photographers and style bloggers to look out for people from the street to do not merely wear spectacles, but turn it into a style statement. The stylish shutterbugs go around capturing the wearers of chic spectacle frames. The photos are then compiled in the “Frames of Your Life” digital photo book.

Already, the chosen photographers have captured several stylish folks off the streets of Paris, London, Berlin and Milan. They are now turning their attention to cities in the United States including New York and Los Angeles, and some of the style capitals of Asia, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

The best of these photographers will later be compiled and featured in a special event for Giorgio Armani.

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