World’s Most Expensive Cooking Pot is Looking for Buyer in China

It is not very difficult to create most expensive items by using precious metal and stones to make them. Fissler from Germany has created the most expensive cooking pot targeting the Chinese consumers who are willing to splurge on practically anything that is the most expensive in the world. Earlier we had seen the most expensive saucepan. This cooking pot is the most expensive by quite a margin as it has been priced at 3.8 million yuan which is equivalent to £380,000. There are many factors that have pushed the price so high for a mere cooking pot.

The pot comes complete with a pair of handles made from pure gold. There is another gold handle on the lid. The total gold used for the purpose adds up to a substantial 738 grams. Some diamond details have also been created on the golden handles. Again a total of 13 stunning pieces of diamonds have been used for the same. The Zhuo Zhan department store in Changchun, the capital of China’s Jilin Province has put this unique and unusual product on display for sale.

The German manufacturer of this luxury item assures top service for the prospective buyer. The delivery of the pot will be practically ritualistic. The buyer will be invited to one of the top Michelin starred restaurant in Europe along with ten of his or her friends. And finally the pot will be delivered to the buyer with a Rolls Royce. Fissler has got the concept a bit mixed up. It is not clear what is the experience they want to give to their consumer. Do they want to encourage them to cook? Or they want to give them a good time in Europe or simply sell them a luxury car. I think it is not clear to Fissler either.

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