Most Expensive Saucepan Studded with Diamonds at Millionaire Fair

What can you expect at a Millionaire Fair? A lot of diamonds even on kitchen ware. At this year’s Millionaire Fair in Moscow, Russia, one of the highlights was a diamond-studded saucepan, which was valued at whopping 150,000 Euros (about $210,500). Its unusualness made it unique and was displayed in a thick glass case illuminated with special lighting. Decorated with 18-carat gold, the saucepan has its handle and lid studded with 270 diamonds.

Fissler, the famous cookware brand from Germany has created this one off saucepan. The company’s spokesperson and Brand Manager Natalya Oreshkina explained that the vessel is not meant for cooking but for serving the food in a beautiful and luxurious way. The price of the pan is comparable with a Porsche Cayenne SUV, but a Porsche Cayenne turns into a pile of metal once it leaves the showroom. This is an investment.

The diamond pot will come complete with a high-class jewelry box made of root wood. The diamond-studded saucepan is probably the most precious pot in the world, and they have already applied for inclusion in the book of Guinness World Records though one must admit it has taken the easy option of using diamonds to make it world’s most expensive.

Via: nydailynews, google

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