Canadian Ranch Offers Guests A Digital Detox Package

Glued to your computer all the time? Desperately seeking a break from your browser window? Now you can leave it all behind with the Digital Detox Package, which is available at premier British Columbia ranch, the Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. The ranch helps you bid your virtual life goodbye (at least for a few days), allowing you to unwind with yoga sessions, horseback rides and more.

Going completely off the grid may not be possible for everyone, and Echo Valley is not without its Internet connection. But a little time off from the World Wide Web should not hurt. It might even help you clear your mind and start afresh.

How do you do that? With Echo Valley Ranch & Spa’s CAD$395 Digital Detox Package. And this is not just for the adults. You could even sign your kids up for the Digital Detox Package, if they have turned into Internet addicts in recent times. But how does one live without the Internet on luxury vacations?

The Echo Valley Ranch & Spa has many activities lined up. These include yoga sessions, horse grooming, chatting over leisurely family-style ranch meals. Meanwhile, there are turkeys to be fed, Border collies to be petted and great hiking trails to follow. In addition to all these activities, detox guests can avail of a luxury spa session or lay back and read (the ranch provides three books and three magazines as well). As for your smartphone, all it takes is an iPhone app to disable it for a specific period.

The ranch is known for being a great fly-fishing destination as well. It prides itself on sustainability and houses a terrific spa that is designed to keep you offline.

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