Refinement Specialist Barth & Sons Unveil the Golden Putter for Golf Fans

If you are the kind of boring sod who likes to go and play golf during the weekends instead of getting drunk and getting laid, you should really not be reading my articles. Nevertheless, if you think golf is interesting and is classy, you are already a pretty pretentious little thing who just wants to be part of the affluent gang.

If a golf membership would not satisfy you, what would? Perhaps the Gold Golf Putter from Barth & Sons would help you scream out that you have arrived and that you have money and that you play gold on weekends too! The Gold Golf Putter from Barth & Sons is functional and can be used, and it actually is a pretty good model. I have no complaints to make about this product because it looks really good, and when it comes from a company like Barth & Sons, it should be damn good.

However, I just feel sorry for your poor soul who has to prove things to people to declare that you are a rich guy/girl who knows what aristocracy is. Little thing, you sure do not know anything about luxury, if you think carrying a gold stick would make you look classy and elegant. Refinement Specialist Barth & Sons, Michael Barth has surely created a really good-looking golf putter, and I must say it is a good buy, if you are a serious gold lover. If you are a wannabe like the one I described above, dig your head deeper inside mud.

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