The Pearl White iPhone 4 by Continental Mobiles Blends Diamonds with Platinum Finish

Keeping up with new releases and models of phones is cumbersome. You had bought yourself the latest model of iPhone4 that was black in color. Now they have released a white version and you are not sure what to do. Continental mobiles have an answer and a solution. In fact they have created something that can stay with you forever. It is the Pearl White iPhone4. It is a new creation by Continental Mobiles and is covered with platinum and diamond.

Now you need not have a complex about the white iPhone 4 or any other luxury mobile phone. The Pearl White iPhone 4 beats all variants hands down. This new creation is covered with VS1 diamonds and they are complemented by a silk finish of platinum. Continental Mobiles are known for creating the most exclusive and finest pieces in luxury telephony. The elegant set they create are perfect examples of exquisite design and unmatched craftsmanship. The Pearl White Apple iPhone 4 is another example of what they are capable of doing with a simple gadget.

The VS1 diamonds are set on the side of the iPhone and accentuate the curvaceous body of the set. The diamonds blend seamlessly with the platinum finish of the phone. The Pearl White iPhone 4 exudes a refined sense of beauty. This artfully created phone will cost you £6,999 which is about $11,600. You can go in for an international concierge option which will cost you an additional 2 grand. Whichever way you look at it, the new iPhone 4 by Continental Mobiles is a rich and elegant creation which has a timeless design. New models may come and go but this set is sure to hold its place amongst the best for a long time to come.

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