Versace To Announce An All New Collection Of Luxury Mobile Phones

One of the biggest names in the fashion industry, Gianni Versace SpA or Versace has reportedly joined hands with the French handset manufacturing company, ModeLabs Group, in effort to launch an all new series of mobile phones, that would be built exclusively for the luxury sectors and the first of the Versace phones is expected to be unveiled in Paris this month. The ModeLabs Groups has been well renowned for its exquisite designs and its association with some of the most famous names in fashion such as TAG Heuer and Christian Dior, for whom the company has already built mobile phones in the past.

The all new Versace handsets is expected to be introduced in the markets in the month of May this year and the device will be available for an astounding $5,000. As the insatiable appetite for mobile devices and smart phones increases, more and more fashion houses are experimenting with the idea of introducing exquisite and exclusive branded mobile phones, that can be carried around as a mark of a statement. Fashion power houses such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Giorgio Armani have already got their respective handsets in the market and with the launch of the Versace phone just months away, the road to a heated competition in the world of luxury cell phones has already been paved.

At this time, the details are quite sketchy and the only confirmed piece of news is the unveiling of the Versace phone, that is slated for this month itself. Be sure to check back in to get more details about the Versace phone.

Via ZD Net & Mode Labs

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