Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Hosts The 19th Celebration Of The Arts

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui, Hawaii, is the venue for the annual Celebration of the Arts. 22-24 April, 2011 marked the 19th edition of the annual event. The theme this time was “E na aumakua”, en embracing of nature.

We have seen other Ritz-Carlton properties. Ritz-Carlton Dallas and Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach are beautiful themselves. But few luxury hotels lay so much stress on cultural values. The Maui hotel actually has an on-site Cultural Advisor, Clifford Nae’ole. Nae-ole had a big role to play during the construction of this luxury resort. And he conducts tours and seminars to enrich guests staying at the hotel.

Thus, there is hardly a better place to host the Celebration of Arts, which gives guests a taste of Hawaiian culture and spirituality. Had you been there, you might have been awestruck by some of the ceremonies. One involves awakening the sun. Another has you seated on hand-woven palm mats, drinking the bitter waters of Kane.

Both children and adults are able to pick up various local arts and crafts during the course of this event. Plus, there is a wonderful underwater fine art exhibit. You could also take a guided tour of the Ritz-Carlton garden. The conclusion of the event is designed to be a high-energy one with live music, local performers and World Champion hula dancers.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua sits on 54 acres of land. The property underwent a major makeover worth $180 million in 2008. The property houses 463 guest rooms and 107 residential suites. And it offers plenty to do, including watching whales if you are so inclined.

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