Crystal Bathtub Worth $925,000 Designed By Baldi

For those who love a longer indulgent soak in the tub, here is probably the most indulgent bathroom addition that you will find. Florence-based firm Baldi is known for experimenting with a range of precious and semi-precious stones. They may not be specializing in jewelry, but they have created some highly creative objects designed to make our jaws drop. Their latest creation is a bathtub. But this is not just any old bathtub. It is a bath made of rock crystal.

If the idea of a crystal bath caught you off guard, just wait until you learn how Baldi collects so much crystal. Apparently, the Florentine company arranges for huge chunks of rock crystal to be extracted from the Amazon. The crystal is then transferred to master artisans located in Pietrasanta, an area known for its marble quarries as far back as during Michelangelo’s lifetime. The Pietrasanta artisans will¬†¬† then carve the crystal into a luxurious crystal bath.

Of course, do not expect any of this to be even close to affordable. The average price for one of these bathroom extravagances is $925,000. That is why it took a Russian magnate to buy up the first unit. Incidentally, this first crystal bathtub unit was crafted out of half of a 10-ton block.

The design has been adapted to suit the tastes of an American audience. The new US design bathtub was scheduled to start retailing exclusively in America from 1 May. Interested buyers will have to source this beauty from Hydrology, a distributor of high-end products based in Chicago.

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