Rock Crystal Bathtub is a Luxurious Piece of Bath Accessory

Extravagance in bathroom accessories will definitely assume a new meaning with the advent of the Crystal Bath Tub designed by Baldi. The Italian company has long garnered fame for creating scintillating home accessories out of precious metals. The exquisite piece of bathtub runs 2 metres in length and is 55cm in height. The astonishing feature here is that it crafted out a single enormous block of purest white rock crystal that is dug from the Amazon in Brazil.

We have read about sculptures and places of worship being made from a single piece of rock, but Baldi-Harrods seem have to set new horizons with bathtubs. It was Paolo Baldi, father of Baldi’s current Head honcho Luca Baldi, who first stumbled onto the rock in 2006. He then got this ten-ton block extracted and shipped to Italy with utmost care. The fact that this sumptuous bathtub is the second beauty carved out of the flawless crystal makes it so singular and pricey.

The bathtub will grace the shelves at Harrods in Knightsbridge until the end of July. If you really want to bring this home, you got to start counting all the dollar bills you have hid away from the world. The sellers have put a price tag of £530,000 on this crystal bath beauty.


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