Ruwa: A $5.5 Million Soft Drink Aimed At UAE’s Wealthiest

Here is news that you do not hear everyday. UK-based group Beverage Company has unexpectedly turned its sights on the UAE and has created a soft drink that is aimed at truly high-end buyers. Now, we all know that fine wines can cost a packet. But who would be willing to pay extravagant sums for a bottle of a non-alcoholic beverage? Apparently, Beverage Company believes that there is a niche audience for its new drink, Ruwa. Given that liquor is banned in the Islamic state, the beverage firm is aiming at the Arab’s penchant for the finer things in life.

That is why Ruwa has been priced at the ridiculously high price of 20 million Dirhams per bottle. John Edgar of the Beverage Company has described Ruwa as “the first luxury halal drink on the market”. He adds the drink is being marketed, but only to “high-end individuals, hotels and establishments”. Of course, once you have seen the price tag, that goes without saying. None but the filthy rich would even consider spending 20 million Dirhams (about $5.5 million) on a single bottle of soft drink.

However, it is not the luxury drink but the bottle that is pushing up the price. The decanter that contains the tipple is made of hand-carved crystal and its decked with some 8,000 diamonds, 200 rubies and a couple of white gold bars. The drink inside has notes of elderflower and rose. Plus, if you buy this 20-million-Dirhams bottle, you can get free refills as well.

However, the offer does not hold on the lower cost Ruwa Special Edition which costs 3 million Dirhams (about $800,000).

Via: 7Days

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