Fur is Experiencing a Strong Renaissance, Hits $14 Billion in Sales; Courtesy Luxury Brands

Fashion industry is all about trends. Very often you are judged on how well you can follow fashion trends. And it is out of these trends that new fashion emerges. But one of the trends that emerged strongly in 2010 needs to be curbed. The sale of fur went up last year. If the figures released by the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) are to be believed, the sale of fur registered a growth of 5% in 2010 and reached a figure of $14 billion in total sales as compared to $13.3 billion in 2009.

This is a dangerous trend and we, as responsible citizens of this planet must make efforts to see that this fashion trend is reversed. If you see the February and March runways the message seems to be that fur is the big fashion story of Autumn 11-12 collections. We even saw fur on wheels with bicycles flaunting fur. We saw a white Fendi bag with skunk fur. There were other fur clutch that were considered elegant and sexy. Dolce & Gabbana used coyote fur for a coat. Givenchy’s fur back pack was considered bold. The examples are endless, the new fashion does not seem to be eco friendly.

If we really want to take corrective steps we must first look at who are buying the fur that is driving their sales up. Two main reasons seem to be the style conscious consumers of the Far East who simply love to wear fur and the consumers in the Western world who opted for fur to beat the consistent cold. Fur is experiencing a strong renaissance but we must put a stop to this fashion trend. In fact the new fashion should be to give an eco-makeover to all emerging trends.

Via: fashionetc, iftf

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