D&G 3 in 1 Coat Comes with Coyote Fur

If you are the kind of guy who would not like to buy separate things for each of your needs and would rather buy something that serves most of your needs, well you are just being a guy. Most men do not like to cleanse, tone and moisturize their skin in a 3 step procedure. They would rather use an all-purpose cream after washing face with plain soap.

Likewise, most guys would like to buy a coat that not only works as a vest but also as a coat. Here is the D&G 3 in 1 Coat which costs $1,550. It is more like 2 garments instead of the claimed 3 and is a shiny, quilted zip-up vest with a genuine coyote fur trim around the collar. It would also double up as a conservative coat which is slightly long.

The shoulder epaulettes make you look more like a hot soldier than someone who would be called “dandy”. There is nothing better than a well dressed guy who feels comfortable in his shoes. The Dolce & Gabbana certainly know how to stitch their stuff, cos the cuts and the luxurious material really make the $1,550 price tag worth it.

Via: Uncrate

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