Designer Shoe By Diego Dolcini Is High On Bling

You can never go wrong with a little bling. But if you are going to overdose on bling, expect to be walking a fashion tightrope. There is a fine line between garish and stylish. Moreover, not everyone is Lady Gaga, and rocking the red carpet requires serious talent. But if you have the money, you can definitely aspire to do so.

Designer Diego Dolcini OD-ed on crystals while putting together his latest footwear design. The Italian designer has used enough Swarovski crystals to blind you, but the final result is a classy, beautiful red carpet pair that is available for sale at luxury portal Luisaviaroma.

The shoe is a fine example of Dolcini’s skilled craftsmanship. While creating the shoe, Dolcini alternately inserted suede and blade. He ensured that both these elements were generously studded with Swarovski crystals. Look closer and you cannot help marveling at the sheer detailing that has gone into the making of this bling-bling shoe. Dolcini has even fitted a zip at the back of the shoe, around the ankle area, to ensure a better, more comfortable fit.

One look at this Dolcini design and you know that these boots aren’t meant for walking. Moreover, this pair of pumps is not going to suit most people’s budgets. It costs a whopping 1,300 euros, which translates into some $1,850. But if you do have that much money to splurge on a pair of shoes that you probably won’t wear too often, splurge by all means. Designs like this one don’t show up too often.

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