Built-In iPads Onboard The Stefan Radev-Designed Gulfstream G550

Earlier this month, I had written about the makeover being given to the Gulfstream G550 jet. The man behind the makeover is a young Spanish designer named Stefan Radev. This is not Radev’s maiden big-ticket project either. Earlier on, he had put his industrial design skills to the test when revealing his work on the Blue Dynamics Landyacht eco-vehicle. Radev’s interior design work on the Gulfstream G550 is just another example of his immense talent.

Radev has transformed the interiors of this $60 million jet plane. He has completely redesigned the seating arrangements. If you happen to be hooked to your gadgets, Radev’s version of the G550 comes with built-in iPads, iPhones and iPods. Radev has even changed up the exteriors of this jet plane, giving it a more stylish appeal.

Radev has introduced several eco-friendly touches to the design. He has ensured that the interiors get plenty of natural light. The large oval windows ensure that this happens. In addition, Radev’s use of bamboo work and neutral shades adds to the effect. Here is a jet plane that makes you feel at home. So whether you are lounging around or working, you can’t help but admire what Radev has achieved with a regular aircraft.

Thanks to Radev’s work, the redesigned Gulfstream G550 is a jet plane that is ideal for partying. If you want to hang out with your buds, Radev’s design ensures that you can leave the cockpit briefly. The redesigned Gulfstream G550 comes with iPad controls that puts this plane in autopilot mode. Radev’s version of the G550 is high on style and fun.

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