Stefan Radev Designs Gulfstream G550 That Is High On Luxury

If you thought luxury travel was limited to super luxury yachts, think again. Young industrial designer Stefan Radev has designed an aircraft that should make flying a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Radev has put his design skills to the test while bring luxury to the interiors of the Gulfstream G550 long range private jet. The result is the kind of aircraft that only dreams are made of.

Radev’s concept design is intended to create an aircraft that provides a premium luxury experience. And this is not limited to just the passenger section. It is set to embrace the cockpit as well.

To begin with, Radev has worked to create oval windows that allow for plenty of natural light to enter the aircraft. Meanwhile, there is plenty of leg space and area to move around in the passenger section. Radev has put in several comfy seats to make air travel that much more luxurious. Radev has made use of plenty of wood elements to add a warm touch to the interiors. In addition, passengers can make use of built-in iPods, iPads and iPhones for work or entertainment.

Moving on to the cockpit, the pilots are sure to find the area highly functional. One of the coolest features is that pilots can also put the plane on autopilot mode when required. Whether you are partying on board, working while travelling, or merely grabbing a nap, the Gulfstream G550 is the perfect choice. Of course, private aircrafts like this one do not come cheap. You will have to pay millions of dollars for this baby.

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