Intercontinental Hotels Embrace The Charm & Enigma Of The All New Apple iPad 2

Just six days after the official launch of one of the most sought after tablet device for the year 2011, Apple iPad 2, the hospitality industry, this time around has shown its intense anticipation of the new tablet as one of the biggest luxury hotel chains in the world, Intercontinental Hotels, has now adopted the new iPad 2 for its concierge services. The predecessor to the new device, Apple iPad, had proven to be quite beneficial to numerous hotel establishments, that had offered their guests complimentary use of the iPad during their stays. Now, Intercontinental has taken advantage of the device’s Facetime video calling feature, where in the hotel has equipped their staff with the latest devices and are now offering both current and potential guests, the chance the chance to connect with the hotel staff via the Facetime feature.

As per the new service, the potential guests will be able to video chat with the hotel’s staff via Facetime, by first visiting a designated website, where in they can assign a preferred time slot for the video chat session and then during the video call, the hotel staff will provide valuable information, while answering all the queries of the users.

Recently, another well-known hotel chain, Starwood, had announced that, it had empowered its customer service staff with iPad 2 devices, that would enable the members of the organization’s Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program to converse to the hotel staff via Facetime video calling. This enabled the guests to quickly cover a lot of errands such as bookings, checking account balances etc.

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