Small Details Add Value to the Apartment You Want to Sell

Brokers who have the experience of the real estate business understand very well the importance of preparing the property for sale. Small details can add value to a property. If you don’t take care, a minor thing can put a prospective buyer off. Jamella Swift is a Citi Habitats broker. She believes in addressing the issues that might prevent a buyer from purchasing a property she is handling.

For a two bedroom condo she was selling in Bedford-Stuyvesant she put in a full-size bed in the bedroom so that it doesn’t feel small. She put in a Lucite coffee table to create the illusion of a larger living space. She also put in floor lamps to supplement the recessed lighting. She was confident that the investment of $5,000 will not only help her close the deal faster but get her the price she was expecting.

There are some points that a broker must always keep in mind. A cluttered apartment takes longer to find a buyer and puts pressure on the price for a 5 to 15% discount. Fresh towels and throw pillows can add up to $25,000 to the final price. Dirty rugs are another thing that can put off a prospective buyer. The first impression of the buyer is important and it always helps to prepare the property for it.

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