A Rolex Watch For Cartier To Retail At $100,000

It is not often that you come across a Rolex with a Cartier stamp on the dial. When you do, have a look at the price tag. It is bound to be over the top. A white Submariner from Rolex costs about $5,000. A red one is worth double the amount, which comes to $10,000. However, a Submariner 1680 with white writing and a Cartier stamp costs much, much more, demanding an almost ridiculous price of $100,000.

Collectors would agree that the exorbitant price is completely justified. Cartier’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City retailed Rolex watches for a very limited period. These watches came with a Cartier stamp on the dial. Rolex enthusiasts might be familiar with the Tiffany’s stamp on the dial, which is rare as it is. However, the Cartier mark is rarer still and really pushes up the prices.

The Submariner 1680 dates back to the 1970s and comes with matching white hands and dial. It even retains the original bezel insert. However, what makes this Rolex even more of a collectible is that it comes with the original Cartier archive papers. So  collectors need not be wary about it being an imitation. According to these papers, the watch was sold in 1977 at Cartier’s New York City store. Collectors will also appreciate that the watch comes in the original red Cartier box in which it was once sold.

The Submariner 1680 is being sold by Fourtane in Carmel, CA. Serious collectors had better queue up for this $100,000 treat.

Via: Hodinkee.com

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