Buyers Of A Luxury House In Laguna Niguel Get A Merc Free

“Buy a house, get a car free!” In a post-recession world, it is hard to believe an offer that good. Yet, that is the road that listing agent Michael Caruso has taken in a bid to draw buyers. The house in question is in Laguna Niguel. The car is a 2011 Mercedes Benz C300. Caruso’s trick here is to help a buyer free up the finances he might have spent on a luxury car. The buyer of the Laguna Niguel home will get a prepaid car lease for two years.

The Merc in question currently retails at $35,900. Buyers can request for any colour, based on availability. As for the house at 5 Marsh Creek, it has a list price of $2,139,000 and has no Mello-Roos taxation. If that seems a tad extravagant, look inside. The house boasts of 5 bedrooms, 3.75 bathrooms, and a living space of 5130 square feet. In addition to this, there is a pool, a basketball court, backyards and an outdoor entertainment area, among other things. Back in September 2010, the property was listed at the considerably higher price of $2,839,000.

Caruso must have hit upon the idea after he realised that buyers in the current market need an incentive couple with a great price. So, Caruso tied up with Fletcher Jones Motor Cars of Newport Beach and made the “buy house, get car” deal public. Incidentally, the package deal is available only with Caruso. The combined house-car deal must have attracted a lot of potential buyers, for Caruso is now seriously considering offering the same incentive while selling other properties.

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