Campagna V13R, a Car with the Heart of a Motorcycle

The Campagna V 13R has really bridged the gap between a bike and a car. It is just one wheel less than a car and just a wheel more than a bike. It really rides like a bike but can be driven like a car. It is a car with the heart of a motorcycle or is it the other way round. This is some identity crisis but the fact remains that it is a mode of transport that you will like a lot because it is both luxurious and adventurous.

Technically it is in the bike category because it has three wheels only. But the cockpit, designed ergonomically, could place it in a new category of a three wheeled automobile. It features the safety of a car and the dynamics of a motorcycle all in one sleek and sweet ride. It has three point safety belts, hand brakes and tubular chassis with roll bars for safety.

It is a powerful vehicle as it is fitted with a Harley-Davidson liquid-cooled Revolution 60-degree V-twin engine and a sequential five-speed transmission. Its dimensions are small for a car but large for a bike. It stands tall at 42 inches. It is 139 inches long and 79 inches wide and weighs in at 1,156 pounds. The best part is it can accommodate two and will come in handy for a quick getaway.

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