Swiss Billionaire Gifts a Dream Wendy House to his Children worth £150,000

Now this is the advantage of being a billionaire’s child. Hear this out. Russel Bowlby who owns a children’s play equipment firm Flights of Fantasy has gifted a Wendy house to his children as a Christmas gift. The house stands in Gstaad and was built by a British company for the Swiss billionaire. It has been modeled on the basis of a chalet which Russel owns in the foothills of the Alps.

He has spent a whopping £150,000 on this magnum opus which is as much as the average house in England and Wales. This two-storey house is crafted out of timber, has double glazing, solid pine flooring with underfloor heating and has 400 decorative bulbs. It is composed of four rooms which includes the obscenely large living room with a stone chimney that is illuminated by red LED lights, custom made furniture and TV equipment. The kitchen has also been looked after well and is stylishly finished with mod cons that include fitted cupboards, a hob, fridge, sink and microwave. There are two bedrooms, one on a mezzanine level and has two beds for sleepovers.

The complex structure can also withstand some very cold temperatures such is its architecture. With so much under one roof, the construction would have been anything but easy. Ten craftsmen spent a total of 2,000 hours over five weeks on this strikingly beautiful play house which has 18ft by 15ft footprint, is 12 ft tall and is made from 13,000ft of sandblasted pine wood planks. How I wish I was a billionaire! It is just a wishful thinking though. All I can say is that some people have all the luck.

Via: DailyMail

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