Researchers in UK Working on a Smart Fridge that Places Orders, Cleans Itself and even Comes Up With a Recipe

The research is on to develop an intelligent fridge. When you come back home tired and hungry and want to cook something quick and easy for a satisfying meal and the fridge is empty because you didn’t get the time for groceries. So back to the phone for a Pizza or some noodles. An intelligent fridge could place supermarket home delivery orders when required and move food near its use by date to the front of the shelves.

Researchers are also working on the fridge that could clean itself, cut down on wasted food and come up with recipes suitable to the groceries stocked in the fridge. This research is going on in the UK where people put in 36 million hours of free overtime in a year leaving them little time for household chores. An intelligent fridge would be a big help for them.

This unique development is the result of a collaboration between scientists at the University of Central Lancashire and online supermarket Ocado. The smart fridge will use ‘nano-articulated technology’ for making shelf surfaces which can scan the products and move them to the front or back according to their use by dates. The kitchen bin could be the next in line for such technological advances.

Via: dailymail

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