New Louis Vuitton City Guides Honor Ruben Toledo With Retrospective of His Illustrations

Artist Ruben Toledo has been creating illustrations for the Louis Vuitton City Guides since 1998. They are honoring the artist by releasing a collector’s set of 100 postcards in fluorescent colors. It is a retrospective of the illustrations created over the years for the guide. Toledo’s images capture in paint the guides’ distinct vision of travel and passion for detail. Toledo has always tried to paint the portrait of a city.

Over a hundred independent journalists and writers have been involved in creating the city guides with their informed commentary on the changes shaking the heart of cities, offering objective views on fashion, design, the arts and gastronomy. The new city guides released this October have included some untouched cities Berlin, Kyoto and Nara are also being offered for the first time in an individual volume alongside London, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo.

The European City box set is adding seven new destinations to its map: Beirut, Courchevel, Gstaad, Oxford, Palma, Poto Cervo and Thessaloniki. Equipped with easy-to-use maps, the guide unlocks each city’s best treasures for both seasoned travelers and curious insiders. The guide on Berlin includes over 500 discerning addresses that bring out the best of a fascinating city.

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