A $1,000,000 Porsche Design-Harrods Advent Calendar to Celebrate Rich Christmas

If you have decided to impress that Millionaire boss of yours or a Christian acquaintance and convert that long on-hold agreement into a final deal then here is ready bait for them. We can sense the Jesus fragrance around us already and post 5-days from now i.e.  28 November officially marks the beginning of Advent this year.

Those nurtured around the Christian surroundings are quite familiar with the Advent Calendars—that crops up prior to Thanksgiving, typically in shops that call for early preparations/decorations of the Christmas. There are times when it hits the market even before Halloween. Talk about the silhouette of these amazing creations and you will find huge rectangular cards with 24 “windows”, each to be opened every day during Advent.

A peep inside: Each casement reveals an illustration, a poem, or may be a peg of a story i.e. the Nativity story. And f you pick more detailed Advent Calendars then each one offer a small gift (toy/chocolate) obscured beautifully in each window. Advent coined from Latin word adventus implies “coming” and is welcomes as a season in many Christian churches, a period of waiting and grounding for the merriment of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. It marks the foundation of the Western liturgical year and instigates on Advent Sunday. Scheduled to begin on the fourth Sunday before 25 December, this year particularly the Advent Calendar humble Advent Calendar has garnered attention by unveiling $1,000,000 calendar, courtesy the Porsche Design Group and Harrods of London.

If you want to get your hands over this limited edition production then you should rush now as there are only 5 produced worldwide. But surely, you can pop your eyeballs over it by visiting Knightsbridge store’s Menswear department of Harrods in London as it features one of the very 5 models there until 3 December 2010. Measuring 1.75 metres tall, it certainly is an opportunity to shop for those millionaires, who were until today impossible to shop for.

Talking about Porsche Design-Harrods Advent Calendar, each of the calendar’s 24 windows, elucidated by light ingots, offers exceptional gifts from Porsche Design to mark Christmas. The 3 key, masked surprises include a Porsche Design P’6910 Indicator Chronograph timepiece layered in rose gold, an independently customizable Porsche Design Kitchen, and a 8.5 metre long RFF28 Speedboat from the Porsche Design Studio in Austria. Other range of gifts at the platter from Porsche Design include  sunglasses dipped in 18-carat yellow gold, fine writing instruments, cufflinks and the running shoe Bounce:S².

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