The King of all Chinese Teas Sells for $2,160 per 50 Grams

How do you determine the price of a particular variety of tea? And how much do you think people would pay for a small pack of tea? Does US$2,160 for a 50 gram pouch seem a little steep or unaffordable for most. Well that is not entirely true because that is the price at which State Guest Da Hung Pao tea sells. And the hundred canisters that are produced of the exclusive variety of tea is sold out in just two months. A waiting list for the 2011-year harvest has already begun.

The fragrance of State Guest Da Hung Pao tea is said to be so long-lasting. Wu Yi Star Teahouse sells this tea through its chain of 40 stores in greater China. Tracy Ho their General Manager explains that Da Hung Pao is said to be potent enough to brew multiple pots of tea–up to 60 infusions. So instead of just five cups of tea from a 50-gram canister you’re really getting 3,000.

Da Hung Pao  is not only strongly aromatic, it’s also less acidic and less bitter than other da hung. It is farmed organically and its leaves are never allowed to touch the ground. It is most certainly the king of all Chinese teas.


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