Panasonic Launches 103-inch TV for Just 70,000 pounds

If you are the kind of person who loves huge TVs and always wanted something that surpassed what your neighbour has, you should be going ahead to the nearest Panasonic store. They have launched two versions of 103 inch TVs. One is a non 3D and the other is a 3D which cost 43,000 ponds and 70,000 Pounds respectively.

Moreover, when you order for a TV like this, Panasonic will send their guys to check if you have enough space and room for a TV like this, and then install it in your house. Which means, if you are a millionaire and stay in an amazing house, you may still not be good enough to be buying the TV. The company decides who gets to buy it, and that is pretty exclusive!

Moreover, they also need to know if your floor is strong enough for the TV as it weighs 328 kilos. It is not a next generation TV and is restricted to the 1080p and thus it is not an ultra HDTV. If you want something like that, you would have to spend a bomb on Panasonic’s 150 inch model, which comes with 4k resolution. The funny side to the story is that when you buy the 70,000 Pound TV, you get only one pair of 3D glasses free, which is not very generous if you asked me.


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