Robotic Mint Helps Clean Floor Easily in a Chic Way

If your version of relaxing is to curl up in a corner and day dream or stare blankly at the roof, you may not want to work real hard cleaning the house. Perhaps, you may also want to dedicate time in more useful manners like helping your children in their studies, watching TV serials or repairing electronic goods etc  that requires your 3-4 hours of daily chores. If you need extra time for all the above activities, you may avoid bending to reach the floor to sweep or mop  and use the Robotic Mint which is an automatic floor cleaner.

Robotic Mint is a floor cleaner which is designed to lessen the household work.  If you put wet or dry cloth on the removable cleaning pad,  it begins to work. The floor sensors detect rugs, carpet, hard surface, and slippery floors. Its small rectangular shape allows cleaning between furniture legs and surrounding places of obstacles. With its adaptation of NorthStar Navigation techniques it maps, plans the area, and then cleans it or cleans missed spots again.

The rechargeable battery can be used for nearly two hours for wet mopping and up to three hours for dry sweeping. The disposable cleaning cloths of Swiffer® or any other brand which are required by Mint floor cleaning robot are available in the general stores, drug, and grocery. It is priced at $200. Oh of course, it looks and appears like a mint gum, so you may be tempted to chew gum while cleaning the house!

Via: Uncrate

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