Sage marine – Donovan to Light Up Yachts


Sophisticated lighting doesn’t extend only to clubs and five star hotels. Since going on cruises and throwing parties on ships has been the partying mode of the uber rich since some time, here’s something to add to that classiness.

Art Donovan, lighting designer from New York, is now all set to light up boats and yachts. He has developed a brand new range of yacht-ready lighting called Sage Marine. This lighting comes in the form of premium cabin lamps for boats and yachts. These handcrafted lamps are made from bronze, glass, mahogany, fiberglass and stainless steel. Indestructible marine grade material has been used in making theses lamps which have a minimalistic design that is so appealing to the modern eye. Donovan has been working in collaboration with Sag Harbor Yacht Yard and Ship’s Chandlery to create these fine lamps of incomparable styling.

Sage Marine lamps are available at pricey $1450 each. If you own a cruise liner, go buy them quick. If not, maybe you’ll get to see them when you’re on a liner next.

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